The tale of The TV that tuned into you


It was the summer of 2012. The UK was basking in the glory of the Olympics and on the 5th floor of John Lewis in Oxford Street, another landmark event was happening.

As gaggles of shoppers looked on, a variety of professional-looking people, laughed, smiled and waited to have their picture taken with a small black box emblazoned with the word “YouView”.

Some wondered if they were fellow shoppers, or perhaps tourists. The truth was they were the happy but exhausted lot who’d spent the last three years watching a project grow from concept to finished, shelf-ready product. Finally they’d made it happen.

In among the marketeers, senior directors and assorted YouView staff was a contingent of contented people that perhaps you wouldn’t expect. They were all Accenture people and many had been involved in the project since it began in 2009.

This is their story.

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